Friday, August 19, 2005

"you and me babe, how about it?"

"from the very start
open up your heart
feel the love you've got"
everlasting love
"i dream of such humanities, such insanities
i'm lost like a kid and i'm late."
old habits die hard
"her faith is amazing
the pain that she goes through contained in the hope for you
your whole world has changed
the years spent before seem more cloudy than blue."
for your babies
"but it was just my imagination
running away with me."

just my imagination
(lembrando que eu faço parte da comunidade 'minha imaginação é f**a')
"[b:] i ought to say no, no, no sir.
[j:] mind if i move in closer?
[b:] at least i'm gonna say that i tried.
[j:] what's the sense in hurtin' my pride?
[b:] i really can't stay.
[j:] baby, don't hold out.
[B:] ah, but it's cold outside."
baby, it1s cold outside (better midler + james caan)
"so let the music take your mind."
"little things i should have said and done
i just never took the time."
always on my mind
"lovely, never never change
keep that breathless charm."
the way you look tonight
"i don't want clever conversation
i never want to work that hard
i just want someone that i can talk to."
just the way you are
"but tell me darlin', true
what am i to you?"
what am i to you (sem condições essa música)
"i don't want to move a thing,
it might change my memory
i am what i am, i'll do what i want, but i can't hide."
here with me
"finds a convenient streetlight steps out of the shade
and says something like "you and me babe how about it?"
romeo and juliet
"dancin' out on 7th street
dancin' through the underground
dancin' little marionette
are you happy now?"
when the stars go blue
"starin' blankly ahead
just makin' my way
makin' a way through the crowd."
a thousand miles
"and when the night is cloudy
there's still a light that shines on me
shine until tomorrow."
let it be
é, esse povo que fica dizendo as coisas por mim e inda ganham uma nota com isso. tsc tsc.


At August 19, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bom.. mto bom!Bjos! Pandrea

At August 19, 2005 , Blogger m. said...

ai, que ruma de fragmento pra emocionar, nam!

fico suspirando em pleno escritório. cara de abestada.

a culpa é tua, sam.
toda tua.
[e deles, afinal.]

beijo pra ti, de quem gosto tanto. ;]

At August 19, 2005 , Blogger Georgia said...

Minha amiga, como sempre é um prazer passear pelo seu blog. Nem sempre os textos sao felizes, mas enfim...Eu adorei esse post. Simplesmente amei e nele encontrei musicas que fazem parte da minha vida...Um dia posto algo parecido com isso no meu...Bjao...

At August 19, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At August 23, 2005 , Anonymous Ciro said...

deveria colocar de quem eram as músicas.
não conheço um bocado delas aí...


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