Tuesday, August 09, 2005

it makes so much sense

"if this is what i want
look at what it did to me
riding low, riding low, riding faster
if this is what you want
this is what you get instead
everything is everything
the more i talk about it
the less i do control
everything means everything
can't understand a word
half of the stuff i'm sayin'"
everything is everything - phoenix
"it all happened so much faster
than you could say disaster
wanna take a time lapse
and look at it backwards
from the last one
and maybe thats just the answer
that we're after
but after all
we're just a bubble in a boiling pot
just one breath in a chain of thought
the moments just combusting
feel certain but we'll never never know
just seems the same
give it a different name
we're beggin and we're needing
and we're trying and we're breathing
never knowing
shocking but we're nothing
we're just moments
we're clever but we're clueless
we're just human
amusing but confusing
helping, we're building
and we're growing
we'll never know"
jack johnson - never know
"you don't know me the way you really should
you're sure misunderstood
don't call me baby
you got some nerve and baby that'll never do
you know i don't belong to you
it's time you knew i'm not your baby
i belong to me
so don't call me baby"
madison avenue - don't call me baby
"a muito tempo estamos reclamando o rumo do país
mas agora não dá mais
só nos resta é sacudir em paz
só nos resta querer viver (beber?) bem mais
e o que me importa é que você agora possa estar aqui
salve a vida
salve o amor"
seu jorge - chega no suingue
"a cada segundo do tempo do mundo
corta o espaço uma grande verdade
a cada minuto do tempo absoluto
vaga na vida uma outra saudade
a cada momento no sopro do vento
voa na mente um desejo ardente
em busca do instante transparente
o pensamento voa
o corpo dança
o espírito brinca
a preguiça é boa"
fernanda abreu - uma breve história do tempo


At August 09, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one! I look at many blogs and will check out yours agaian sometime.
I have a Wedding website myself. It pretty much covers Wedding related stuff for the local area.
Come and and have a look see :-)

At August 10, 2005 , Blogger Georgia said...

Amiga, o que voce tem???? Sinal de fumaça, plisi...

At August 10, 2005 , Blogger amy said...

eu digo é valha. :D


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